Definitions of terms in IndexedDB – Key and value (HTML5)


A data value by which stored values are organized and retrieved in the object store. The object store can derive the key from one of three sources: a key generator, a key path, and an explicitly specified value. The key must be of a data type that has a number that is greater than the one before it. Each record in an object store must have a key that is unique within the same store, so you cannot have multiple records with the same key in a given object store.

A key can be one of the following type: string, date, float, and array. For arrays, the key can range from an empty value to infinity. And you can include an array within an array.

Alternatively, you can also look up records in an object store using the index.

key generator
A mechanism for producing new keys in an ordered sequence. If an object store does not have a key generator, then the application must provide keys for records being stored. Generators are not shared between stores. This is more a browser implementation detail, because in web development, you don’t really create or access key generators.

in-line key
A key that is stored as part of the stored value. It is found using a key path. An in-line key can be generated using a generator. After the key has been generated, it can then be stored in the value using the key path or it can also be used as a key.

out-of-line key
A key that is stored separately from the value being stored.

key path
Defines where the browser should extract the key from a value in the object store or index. A valid key path can include one of the following: an empty string, a JavaScript identifier, or multiple JavaScript identifiers separated by periods. It cannot include spaces.

Each record has a value, which could include anything that can be expressed in JavaScript, including: boolean, number, string, date, object, array, array, regexp, undefined, and null.

When an object or array is stored, the properties and values in that object or array can also be anything that is a valid value.

Note: The specification lets you store files and blobs, but this has not been implemented by any browser yet.


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