Definitions of terms in IndexedDB – Limitations (HTML5)


IndexedDB is designed to cover most cases that need client-side storage. However, it is not designed for a few cases like the following:

  • Internationalized sorting. Not all languages sort strings in the same way, so internationalized sorting is not supported. While the database can’t store data in a specific internationalized order, you can sort the data that you’ve read out of the database yourself.
  • Synchronizing. The API is not designed to take care of synchronizing with a server-side database. You have to write code that synchronizes a client-side indexedDB database with a server-side database.
  • Full text searching. The API does not have an equivalent of the LIKE operator in SQL.

In addition, be aware that browsers can wipe out the database, such as in the following conditions:

  • The user requests a wipe out.
    Many browsers have settings that let users wipe all data stored for a given website, including cookies, bookmarks, stored passwords, and IndexedDB data.
  • The browser is in private browsing mode.
    Some browsers, have “private browsing” (Firefox) or “incognito” (Chrome) modes. At the end of the session, the browser wipes out the database.
  • The disk or quota limit has been reached.
  • The data is corrupt.
  • An incompatible change is made to the feature.

The exact circumstances and browser capabilities change over time, but the general philosophy of the browser vendors is to make the best effort to keep the data when possible.


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